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VIC05_0024 - VIC05_0024

Assembly drawing

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Ref No Description Price
001 CH86361A Upper handle assembly £105.55 Add
002 CH86362G Upper mono handle £37.25 Add
003 CH86348G M.H. brake bail £93.28 Add
004 CH86350A Handgrip £38.51 Add
005 CH86365Q Roller plate N/A POA
007 CH86390A Upper spring £9.09 Add
008 CH86368A Roller N/A POA
010 CH86373G Cross member £159.78 Add
012 CH86371A Flat rubber buffer £18.62 Add
015 CH86377A Upper pivot plate £82.71 Add
016 CH86378A Lower pivot plate £85.03 Add
017 HA20448D Screw, Roller shaft N/A POA
018 HA22279D Washer N/A POA
019 CH86379A Washer, fibre £4.29 Add
020 HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
021 CH86380A Pivot bush £9.07 Add
022 HA20445D Screw N/A POA
023 CH86388A Front Pivot spring £6.22 Add
024 CH86389A Back Pivot spring £7.06 Add
025 HA20443D Screw £7.55 Add
026 CH86396D Zone starter eyelet £28.38 Add
027 HA24996D M5 nyloc nut £5.44 Add
029 EN72922P MASTERCUT 460 TANK AND TAP ASSY £110.98 Add
030 EN71129A Fuel tank bush N/A POA
031 EN71138A Fuel tank nut £4.71 Add
032 EN72866B FUEL TAP ASSY £14.29 Add
033 EN72947A Nipple [4st] N/A POA
034 EN72580B CAP-FUEL-LARGE-BAGGED £18.20 Add
036 CH84306A Buffer tube £9.50 Add
037 EN72015A Spring, Ute tank retainer £18.36 Add
038 HA20444D Screw £3.89 Add
039 HA20410D Screw £7.37 Add
040 HA24847D Nut 3/16” £8.87 Add
041 TC04431A Brake cable £82.44 Add
042 CH86383A Transit clip £32.03 Add
06a CH86547A Spring retainer N/A POA
06b HA20442D Screw, Spring retainer N/A POA
09a CH86370A Roller shaft £11.42 Add
09b HA20448D Screw, Roller shaft N/A POA
09c HA22249D Washer £6.05 Add
09d HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
11a HA20454D Bolt N/A POA
11b CH86450A Nylon bush (replaces rubber bush) £23.66 Add
11c HA22260D Washer £3.83 Add
11d HA24892D Nyloc nut N/A POA
13a CH86384A Lower handle assembly [M/Cut] N/A POA
13b CH86385A Lower handle assembly [2st M/Catch] N/A POA
13c CH86579A Lower handle assembly [4st Catch] N/A POA
14a CH86381G Lower handle tube [M/Cut] £75.70 Add
14b CH86382G Lower handle tube [M/Catch] £79.03 Add
28a EN73134A Fuel tank assy [2st] £71.68 Add
28b EN73143A Fuel tank assy [4st] N/A POA
35a HA25946A Fuel line [2st M/Catch] N/A POA
35b HA25934S TUBE £6.95 Add
35c HA25695A Fuel Line [4st] N/A POA