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FG406_15500 - CHASSIS ASSY.

Assembly drawing

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Parts list

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Ref No Description Price
ME63207D LEVER £25.10 Add
ME63273D SPRING £32.56 Add
HA25471D PIN £6.05 Add
ME63241A BUSH £8.84 Add
HA21243D SCREW £6.05 Add
HA22200D WASHER £6.05 Add
ME63233G PLATE £56.89 Add
HA24847D Nut 3/16” £8.87 Add
HA24845D Nut £6.39 Add
ME63254D WASHER £3.80 Add
ME63204D SPRING £68.03 Add
HA25477B WASHER £8.34 Add
HA25392D PIN £6.05 Add
HA24974D NUT £19.96 Add
ME63223G GUARD £150.42 Add
HA25477B WASHER £8.34 Add
ME63308D HOUSING £179.40 Add
ME63217A BEARING £37.04 Add
HA25394D PIN £9.95 Add
HA22236D WASHER £7.39 Add
ME63215A PULLEY £93.33 Add
ME63230A V BELT £66.51 Add
ME63216A SPINDLE £74.53 Add
ME63282G UPPER HANDLE £155.04 Add
ME63205G SEGMENT ME63205D £73.57 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
ME63225D STUB LUG ASSY. £44.64 Add
CH81445A Dust seal stub axle to wheel £3.84 Add
CH80903A Wheel washer £6.60 Add
CH80153S Wheel bearing - Bush (OBSOLETE) N/A POA
CH83687A BUSH £5.07 Add
VBP0002 CIRCLIP £3.76 Add
CH86112A HUB CAP £6.04 Add
ME63280G AXLE & HANDLE ASSY. ME63280A £101.58 Add
HA25184B Rivet - Height adjust handle CH84324B £5.89 Add
CH84861A Bush – rear axle £5.07 Add
HA20229D SCREW £3.80 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
ME63218G SEGMENT ME63218D £47.04 Add
CH81754A Knob - Height adjust handle £16.93 Add
CH84907G Handle - Height adjust £56.81 Add
HA20310D Bolt handle knob £5.07 Add
CH85737A KNOB (RED) £7.81 Add
ME63281G LOWER HANDLE £77.85 Add
HA24845D Nut £6.39 Add
CH80854G Saddle plate - Black £9.17 Add
HA20310D Bolt handle knob £5.07 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
ME63286N BASEPLATE £220.00 Add
CH84863D Axle retainer CH84863B £6.74 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
VBP0002 CIRCLIP £3.76 Add
CH87082G WHEEL £49.42 Add