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FG406_9000 - SUPER 600 AQ 066 EX5 SUPER 600 AQ 066 UK7 CHASSIS ASSY.

Assembly drawing

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Parts list

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Ref No Description Price
CH85997G HANDLE CH84518G £155.58 Add
HA25167A Rivet £6.05 Add
EN71031A PAD £18.86 Add
EN71030G SUPPORT £30.10 Add
HA24845D Nut £6.39 Add
EN72866B FUEL TAP ASSY £14.29 Add
HA21107D SCREW £6.05 Add
HA21107D SCREW £6.05 Add
HA24845D Nut £6.39 Add
CH85234G GUARD £42.77 Add
CH82236G BRACKET R.H. CH82236D £78.54 Add
CH81754A Knob - Height adjust handle £16.93 Add
CH82208A HANDLE £64.60 Add
CH84931A REAR AXLE £332.96 Add
CH82469B RIVET £6.39 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
CH84974N BASEPLATE £452.53 Add
CH83455B CLAMP £29.30 Add
CH83432A BUSH £6.39 Add
CH82226A DUST SEAL £33.80 Add
HA21228D Screw ¼ Unc £5.62 Add
CH84933A SPRING £45.91 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
CH85920G WINDROWER CH82237G £81.20 Add
CH82214D FRONT AXLE £167.86 Add
CH82448A BUSH £6.39 Add
CH82225A BUSH £6.39 Add
CH84384A 12" WHEEL ASSY. £243.32 Add
CH82227D CIRCLIP £6.39 Add
CH82228V HUB CAP CH82228K £5.43 Add
VBP0002 CIRCLIP £3.76 Add
CH82212A BUSH £6.38 Add
CH81445A Dust seal stub axle to wheel £3.84 Add
CH80903A Wheel washer £6.60 Add
CH82241A COVER £82.43 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
CH87082G WHEEL £49.42 Add
CH85136U BUSH CH85136A N/A POA
CH83687A BUSH £5.07 Add
CH86112A HUB CAP £6.04 Add
CH82515G SPANNER £8.52 Add
CH83978D SPANNER £25.65 Add
CH84878A SPANNER £17.63 Add
CA09421A BLADE HOLDER ASSY. CA09270A £93.79 Add
EN71969A [V160 COWLING (VANTAGE)] FUEL CAP £22.08 Add
EN71969A [V160 COWLING (VANTAGE)] FUEL CAP £22.08 Add
EN71969A [V160 COWLING (VANTAGE)] FUEL CAP £22.08 Add
EN71969A [V160 COWLING (VANTAGE)] FUEL CAP £22.08 Add
EN71180A 550 / S600 TANK AND TAP ASSY £202.72 Add
HA25948A VACUUM TUBE £6.05 Add
CH82235D BRACKET L.H. £18.27 Add
CH84820A SPRING £4.23 Add
HA24977D NUT £1.79 Add
HA22141D WASHER £5.10 Add
HA20326D SCREW £17.48 Add
HA22192A WASHER £3.01 Add
CH82541A BUSH £33.31 Add
HA25131D Circlip £7.33 Add
CH85176G CONNECTING LINK CH85176D £48.99 Add
HA21073D Screw £6.05 Add
CH85129D CLAMP CH85129A £6.39 Add
HA21079D Nut Saddle Plate £6.05 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
CH82248A BELT £159.21 Add
CH82244A DUST SEAL £59.05 Add
HA25266A BEARING £95.89 Add
CH82243A PULLEY £351.75 Add
HA25276B WASHER £4.88 Add
HA21131D BOLT £6.39 Add
HA25001A BEARING HA25001S £20.10 Add
CH82590A SHIM (0.015") CH82591A £19.08 Add
CH82590A SHIM (0.015") CH82591A £19.08 Add
CH82247A CIRCLIP £6.39 Add
HA24844D Nut – rear safety skirt £6.05 Add
CA09276B KIT-BLADE & BOLT 560 & S600 £28.08 Add